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The Incredibly Easy Way to Start and Monetize a Podcast Today

If you've ever wanted to start a podcast, literally today is the day to do it. Although popularized in America, A few years ago people in half the world had no idea what podcasting was…now if you ask somebody the same thing, of course, everyone knows what they are. That being said, I want to help you create your own podcast without having to buy crazy expensive equipment and to show you that you can literally do it with just your iPhone (sorry peeps, I have no idea how Samsung phones work). Let's go over the steps and get you up and running.

Getting the Right Audience

Here is where you really must put the effort. Absolutely you have to know who your target audience is, to make it super simple, what is it that you are so passionate about speaking about that others would want to listen to. Some people might say this is the niche that you are trying to attract. Don't get too bogged down by this because you have a whole blue ocean of opportunity ahead of you, which is great. Always have an abundance mindset rather focusing on all the things you don't know. Sara Blakey from Spanx says that was one of her biggest advantages when she first founded her now billion dollar company.

The Techy Stuff

Okay, this is where most people struggle, not going to lie- this is where I was like “slow down Mari” but I got a mentor and figured it out

Hardware Vs Software

hardware is the tangible things that you need: as I said earlier, I literally used my phone. *disclaimer, I eventually upgraded and used a Rhode travel microphone that I bought from Apple* I won't give you a link – just go into the apple store and ask “hey I would like to get a podcast mic” its the only one they have so they will hook you up. It's about 120 dollars when I bought it in Canada.

Software, things that aren't hard: I used adobe spark to create my podcast artwork however you can use if you don't already have the Adobe products.

and that's pretty much it.


Okay, so editing-again on my phone. you can use the motiv app,which is free and thats what i. used to edit my podcast if i need to, however i usually make it all “one take drake”


Posting means you must have a hosting. Which I use buzzspourt. you can click this link and we both get an amazon gift card. they may change that in the future but still. otherwise, it's free for the first few hours content. so why the heck not.

And once you use that hosting site, they give you pretty much the most user-friendly step by step instructions to make the rest of it up to speed and amazing. This includes, how to connect with itunes, spotify, and all the other good stuff.


The moment we have all been waiting for!!! There are so many opportunities that you can monetize your podcast and I highly recommend it.

While you may not be making money in the first months or years, consistency is key with your posting and the money will eventually come.

There are front end products

Back end products

and 3rd party opportunities to make money.

let us list them here…

Front end

  • merchandise selling
  • lead magnets, selling a report in your description link

Back End

  • your own products (think your funnel)
  • live events
  • how to seminars
  • high-end coaching
  • vacation masterminds
  • the list goes on…

3rd party opportunities

  • Affiliate/small kickbacks of links
  • SPONSORS – the big one – when it comes to sponsors, finding them and keeping them and making pricing well that is it's own journey but for now just be aware of it.

So i'm not giving you the video way to create podcasts just yet because we are keeping things simple and super easy for you. When i decide to do video i will be sure to either add a link here or drop it in a new blog link.

That pretty much wraps up this blog post for now, if you'd like to listen to it on podcast – please go to itunes or spotify and listen otherwise the link is here.

Itunes Podcast

all the love


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